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HOW TO: Bridgerton Aesthetic and Outfit Ideas

Okayyyy I’m just gonna say it! Honestly I didn’t really enjoy the first half of the Bridgerton Season 3. 😫

I felt like the acting from the main male lead fell flat in the flirting and swoon-worthy department. Everything just felt forced and his facial expressions were just not it. Penelope Featherington’s glow up is just GOR-GEOUS – love the soft colors on her and the beautiful curls that properly frame her face this season. But… I just really found this season (thus far) overall flatter than the previous two.

The chemistry between Daphne and Simon, as well as Kate and Anthony were just sizzlin’ off the screen. But I really can’t say the same for Penelope and Colin. I also can’t help but fixate on that awful scene where Penelope had 5 business days to evade the rogue air balloon and still awkwardly fell the way she did lol.

Other than that, I still really like the “Bridgerton” take on the regency era fashion. Francesca’s outfits really saved this season IMO – delicate and ethereal like they should be for the latest Bridgerton debut. I still think the outfits are unmatched compared to Daphne’s season but I guess she really set the bar high up there. Regardless of how the second half of the season will unfurl later in June, I had lots of fun curating some Bridgerton-inspired outfit ideas to recreate the aesthetic!

Scroll down for my take on how to recreate the Bridgerton Aesthetic – happy shopping!

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I hope these outfit ideas helped you choose the perfect pieces to build the Bridgerton aesthetic!

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