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HOW TO: The Sabrina Carpenter Aesthetic

I’m currently in my era of unapologetically embracing ultra-femininity and it’s really drawn me toward Sabrina Carpenter’s soft girlie aesthetic. I really started noticing her a lot more since she opened for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour and I just can’t get enough of her makeup and outfits!

I really like how girly and feminine her aesthetic is, including the bright pink blush of her makeup and the “Sabrina Carpenter hair” styled with a pretty bow. I could NEVER pull off her bangs. UGH. But a girl could dream!

I was so inspired by her playfully flirty and feminine looks that just for funsies, I’ve curated my own collection inspired by the Sabrina Carpenter aesthetic! 🎀💗🌸 My favorite part of her looks are the girly pinks and pretty bows so I really leaned into those elements for my inspo.

Scroll down for my take on how to recreate the Sabrina Carpenter Aesthetic – happy shopping!

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I hope these outfit ideas helped you choose the perfect pieces to build the Sabrina Carpenter aesthetic!

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