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You’ll LOVE These Summer Dresses and Sundresses

Summer is almost here! Everything’s warming up here in LA (yup even by LA standards!) and it’s time to break out those gorgeous, flowy summer dresses and sundresses to soak in all that warmth and sunshine.

I love a good sundress – it’s one of the easiest and quickest ways to look more dressed up without that much extra effort at all. You just slip one on and voila – out the door you go! I also love sundresses because they’re much comfier and cooler to wear on hot summer days (and nights). I’m also more of a girly girl and I love what a dress can do for the soul, so I really can’t resist the charm and allure of a beautiful dress – especially if it comes with bows. Those make me extra weak at the knees lol. 🎀✨

Sundresses are also great for travel or weekend activities. When you’re done hanging out at the beach, you can just slip a sundress over and still look super cute for your dinner plans. I don’t know about you, but I’m SO ready to store away my sweatpants and swap them out for lighter summer outfits, and I’m itching to start with dresses that have been sitting pretty in my closet for far too long this past winter and springtime.

If like me, you’re on the hunt for summer dresses and sundresses this season, look no further! These thoughtfully curated outfit ideas are just for you.

Scroll down for cute summer dresses and sundresses – happy shopping!

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I hope these summer dress and sundress outfit ideas helped you choose the perfect pieces to build your summer wardrobe!

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