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MUST PACK: Best Walking Shoes For Travel In Europe

My biggest travel tip EVER (from painful experience 🥲) is that wearing the right travel shoes will MAKE or BREAK your vacation.

But I get it… you wanna look cute and stylish AND be comfortable walking around exploring new sights and places. And you’re trying to pack lighter but you might be a serial overpacker like me! I’ve been there, far too many times – conflicted between all these thoughts when your vacation should be a breeze!

This is why I’ve made it my own mission to curate my very own personal faves list of cute and comfy travel shoes for walking. Fair warning though, what may be comfy for me may not feel the same for you – so be sure to test out your shoes far in advance of your trip to make sure they’re the right choice for you.

As for my personal experience mentioned earlier, On Clouds are supposedly really comfy for most people and my feet feel fine with them for short periods of wear. But I had never walked more than 2 hours in my On Clouds, yet I made the terrible mistake of packing them as my ONLY pair of travel shoes when I visited Japan for 10 days. We walked a ton in Japan and every day my feet were in so much pain that it really impacted my overall vacation experience. Ever since then, I’ve made sure to only pack the right travel shoes that are great for walking AND stylish enough to match different outfit variations.

If you’re interested in my tried and tested top 3 fave travel shoes, be sure to check out my detailed review!

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Before we get to my top travel shoes picks, consider these tips when deciding on which pair to pack:

  • SOCKS: Try out the shoes both with thin and thick socks. Thicker socks often provide extra padding and comfort, masking the true comfort of the shoes. If you’re going to Europe for the summer, you’ll want to pack the pair that is still comfy when paired with light, thin socks.
  • WEATHER/SEASON: Consider the weather and season of your travel destination. Beyond the thin vs thick sock choice, you’ll also want to test out whether the shoes have enough resistance against the rain and also traction when walking on wet terrain. The cobblestone streets of Italy may be slippery if you wear the wrong pair.
  • WALKING ACTIVITY: Consider how much you’ll be walking and also… how your feet feel while standing in line at popular restaurants for longer periods of time. This is a big one – I highly recommend breaking them in and trying to walk in them for extended periods of time to truly determine if they’re the right pair to bring on vacation.
  • WATERPROOFING: Consider using a waterproofing spray on your shoes like this Crep Protect Shoe Protector Spray or Nikwax Fabric and Leather Proof Waterproofing Spray.
  • VERSATILITY: If you’re trying to pack light or are utilizing a travel capsule wardrobe, be sure to plan your outfits and test out mixing and matching your shoes with looks to maximize its use and save on precious suitcase space. Check out my guide on how to build a spring capsule wardrobe you’ll love!
  • BREAKING IN: To shorten the break-in period, I recommend filling ziplock bags with water then stuffing them into each shoe, and stick them into the freezer. I use this trick on all my new shoes to expand the toe box overnight and provide some slight breathing room for my feet.
  • EXTRA SUPPORT: I always pack Dr. Scholl’s mole skin padding and hydrocolloid gel bandages to help prevent and/or minimize any sore spots or blisters. Extra support insoles are also a game changer if you don’t mind inserts.

Now onto the fun part!


Reebok Club C 85 Vintage Walking Shoe

My absolute favorite pair of sneakers for travel and everyday wear. I like that these aren’t too white and have more of a vintage aesthetic to them with some character and a “lived in” look. I’m a 6.5 and the size 7 was perfect – the half size up was just what I needed for extra room in the toe box width.

Dr. Scholl’s Time Off Sneaker

Another one of my faves – I really like these for a more classic white sneaker look. The platform is also great for a height boost and isn’t too thick or chunky. These are super comfy to walk in and the toe box is super roomy. Downside is they do get dirty more easily, but cleaning them up is a breeze with these sneakerasers.

Veja Campo Sneakers

I’m a big fan of these, but only after the break-in period. The extra white/natural suede combo looks really cute with a ton of outfit choices so I’d say this is really easy to style. The platforms are a little blockier than I’d like but it really fits the whole aesthetic of the shoe.

New Balance 574 V2 Essential Sneaker

If you’re looking for a gorgeous pair of neutral walking shoes, these look super sleek and stylish and come in a wide option for extra toe box space. I tend to dress a little more neutral on vacation since I pack a lighter travel capsule wardrobe, so these are great for styling with so many outfits.

PUMA Carina L Sneaker

These are a great pair if you’re going for the elevated platform classic white sneakers look. I like the groove detailing on the front of the platform and how clean and crisp they look.

Allbirds Tree Runners Everyday Sneakers

They got me at “machine-washable”! I love shoes that are easy to maintain and clean like these ones. I also appreciate that these are lightweight, aesthetically-pleasing, and don’t look heavy on the feet.

Vionic Winny Oxford

These sleek and stylish sneakers come with leather uppers so if you’re into this look and feel, then you’ll love these! I tend to spend a little more time breaking in shoes with materials like this one since they’ll come a little stiffer so I’d plan that ahead of my travel plans.

Soludos Ibiza Classic Lace-up Sneaker

Here’s a gorgeous low-profile pair with a touch of neutral detailing on the back. I especially adore the cute stitching detail on the back as an extra dose of personality.

Kizik Madrid Comfortable Breathable Eco-Knit Slip On Sneakers

I’ve been seeing this everywhere on social media and am really drawn to their “hands-free” wearing technology. You just slip them on without having to adjust them with your hands, which is honestly really convenient especially when traveling or on the go!

New Balance Women’s 411 V1

If you’re a New Balance girly, these babies are perfect as your travel companion. They boast the durability of a casual walking shoe while carrying a versatile and sporty silhouette.

Cole Haan Grand Crosscourt Lace Up Sneakers

A luxurious-looking shoe with the comfort to boot. I like the clean, no-frills silhouette of this ankle shoe, making it a lightweight and comfortable addition to your travel wardrobe.

Adidas Grand Court 2.0 Tennis Shoe

White sneakers with a touch of black are such a great staple in anyone’s closet. They’re cute, comfortable, and can be dressed up and down to match the outfit you’re going for. A winning pair for your next vacation!

I hope this list of Best Walking Shoes For Travel In Europe was helpful in narrowing down your decision for which cute and comfy travel shoes to pack!

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