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Spring Home Decor: The Simple Refresh You NEED This Season

For me, with the spring season comes a sense of renewed purpose and fresh beginnings as we move deeper into the year. Especially after a cold, and abnormally wet winter here in Los Angeles, I’m gearing up for some much needed spring cleaning to clear out clutter and dreary energy from my home. And that also means a simple yet effective spring home decor refresh to help revitalize my living space!

If you’re looking for a spring home decor refresh, this guide on how to nail the season refresh is just for you!

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Scroll down to discover fun and fresh spring home decor ideas for the season refresh!


One of my favorite ways to easily switch up the feel and aesthetic of any living area is to incorporate different decorative objects for the spring season – they bring great variety and personality into any living space and help provide those finishing touches to any room. I like my fall and winter decor to be a little moodier with rich tones. But for spring, I like to lean toward a fresher and lighter approach.


Another simple and effective way to instantly change the mood and vibe of any home decor. I favor floral designs here because, well… it’s spring! But I also really like to incorporate florals where I can because I don’t own too many live plants in my living space (not for a lack of trying! I just don’t have green fingers 😅)


I like to add a touch of green to my home decor largely from plants. I’ve tried many, many times to keep my real fiddle leaf fig plants alive. But alas, it seems I reallyyyyy don’t have green fingers. So I’ve resorted to faux plants especially in corners of the room. It really freshens up the space organically, and brings some natural visual appeal against the more neutral colors of my decor.


One of my absolute favorite ways to dress up any living space yet introduce a genuine sense of warmth is through a variety of picture frames that differ in texture, color palettes, and sizes. I love a good collection of photo frames that display the most beautiful memories all over the home.


I have a soft spot for rounded or curved edges on furniture pieces, so most of my picks below incorporate that feature. I find that they tend to look more intriguing to the eye, and they look a lot lighter compared to more traditional blocky shapes. I also like the simple elegance that comes with fluted detailing on furniture.


Never underestimate the power of a rug in transforming a space! Laying down the right rug for your space really sets the foundation for the aesthetic you are looking to achieve. It could be the bold statement you are looking to make in any room, or just an accessory to complement other decor pieces. Whenever I feel a little bored of the decor in my living room, I like to swap the rugs out for another fresh look. I keep one or two rugs in my season refresh rotation but make sure that each rug still flows cohesively with other elements in the room.


Mirrors are such an amazing way to brighten up any room and make any living area look larger and more open. As you’ll see below, I just love baroque style mirrors with some ornate details. I find these elements timeless and elegant, and effectively elevate any plain wall. I also favor mirrors with curved frames to soften the harsher look of a traditional square or rectangle mirror shape.


Let there be light! Some may consider lighting or lighting fixtures to be an afterthought for any living space. But choosing the right ones can really elevate the room decor, all while setting the mood and ambiance of the area. When done right, lamps and lighting fixtures can be both functional and beautiful.

I hope this guide on how to nail the spring decor refresh was useful in helping you revitalize your living area with the season change!

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